Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Vlog 4: N-TEN Muni WiFi Conference

Last Friday, I spoke at the N-TEN conference about San Francisco's municipal WiFi rollout. I talked a bit about my upcoming pilot using mobile storytelling to connect school kids here and in Sri Lanka. I also talked about some of the other fellows' usage of wifi, such as Shashank's disease surveillance project or Netika's location education project (fun to say, eh?).

Afterwards, I chatted a bit with the conference organizers as well, Emy Tseng from the City's TechConnect project, and Holly Ross from N-TEN.

In particular, TechConnect has a Draft Digital Inclusion Strategy that is open for comment.

N-TEN's website has lots of resources for nonprofits looking for technical solutions.

You can check out Holly's live report here.

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