Thursday, September 06, 2007

DiSCO Neighborhoods Project

Digital Sister Cities Online (or DiSCO) is a collaboration between Bay Area Video Coalition and CDI, a leading social action NGO in Brazil. Our goal in this project was to show how the digital link between San Francisco and Brazil could also be a personal connection to sharing culture and creating art while developing real-world job skills. Over the summer, five high school students in San Francisco collaborated with their counterparts in Sao Paulo. To show San Francisco in their eyes, the students used camera phones to document their neighborhoods, using the universal language of images and music. Please enjoy their work.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Skype on my phone?

This has been pretty widely covered on mobile phone blogs, but it was still news to me. I'm planning a vacation trip to Turkey (late summer vacation), and was looking for different applications I could load my phone up with since I'm not bringing a laptop.

And one of the best discoveries so far was an application called fring which finally connects your phone to skype, MSN, GTalk, or most any SIP-based voice over IP service. So if you have a wifi phone, you can now connect to skype directly from your phone!

Pretty cool.

In other, more project related news, we're wrapping up some awesome neighborhood videos that I'll be promoting here and elsewhere in the next few days.

You can see some of them linked from my Vox blog if you just can't wait.