Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Newsletter 4

Website launch

It's been a little while, but I have great news! My project at Stanford is going amazingly well, and I'm proud to announce the launch of my website,

| Digital storytelling videos

The last few months have been a flurry of activity, in addition to building the site. I have been working with Bay Area Video Coalition, the oldest media arts center in the bay area. Four interns (props to Nick, Seanne, Anton, & Rowvin) from the YouthLink program have been working on Project VIEW, and in particular, have used camera phones to create interesting videos about their neighborhoods. And the twist is there are no voiceovers; they are just using local sounds or music. This was done deliberately, to make them more accessible to a global audience who may not speak the same langugage.

Please post your own videos! There's a link to the instructions and place to post them.

| Mobile Storytelling Film Festival
Project VIEW is also hosting a Mobile Film Festival at the end of the summer. Details will be coming soon, but get started with your ideas! The basic idea is use a camera phone to use create a 2 minute movie (or less), nonfiction, with a personal perspective.

| Partnership with Keio University in Tokyo

My other big news is a partnership with Keio University, the oldest private university in Tokyo. In conjunction with the Foreign Language Labs, we have launched a series of online videoconferences starting with an introduction to some of the Digital Vision Program fellows.

Thanks very much for your interest! As always, if you have any interesting ideas for collaborations or questions, please email. Also if you'd like to unsubscribe or change email addresses, let me know.

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