Thursday, February 21, 2008

Liveblogging myself

Experimenting on myself.

Got into a social media kick this afternoon, so I thought I'd document it.

Downloaded flock

Imported favorites

Set up facebook

Set up twitter. My twitter username is jkuner.

Sent a twitter message in reply to a friend.

Sent a facebook message in reply to a friend's status.

See an ad on facebook and realize...

Looked for adblock pro for flock -- where is it? Are they trying to get mozilla users? will the mozilla one work?

Changed my default search engine in flock to google (I guess Yahoo must be a sponsor since they are the default search engine)

Realized I should blog this so I started up textwrangler. :)

Back to searching for adblock

No go in the flock addons, but it I find out I can install regular adblock plus from mozilla extensions

Voila! Installed & restarted.

Look for instant messenger feature but it seems to only be blogs & media. So I add my blog.

Add my blogger account

Go back to checking out new facebook app -- Knighthood. [join me! :) ] Start building a watchtower.

Think about Jimi Hendrix's version of all along the watchtower and look for / flock integration.

Why is 'sign up' HUGE and 'log in' minuscule?

Retrieve password. On the way to my spam email account, check out media streams.

Look at facebook friends pictures

Search for flock google galleries. Nope, no such luck.

Decide to get back to work and post this blog entry.

Of course in the flock blog editor. :) (Note: link name editing should not continue the link, or at the least you should be able to link to nothing to end the link.)

Blogged with Flock

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