Friday, April 13, 2007

e-Nostalgic for BackInTheDay-dot-com

I was just browsing TechCrunch (Yeah, I know.. that's my first mistake) and complaining to a fellow Fellow about web 2.0 names. I am actually a little nostalgic for when you could just add e, i or dot-com to a regular word. etoys?

There were a few predecssors of the current gibberish trend like kozmo (bike messengers, videos, and ice cream? sign me up!), but for some reason, diigo and fleck, complete with meaningless 'simple design' logos were particularly egregious.

What do you think?


Boris said...

I actually like the Fleck design and name.

But that might be because I designed the logo and came up with the name.


John said...

Fair enough. At least fleck is a real word. :)

Did you consider