Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mobile Persasion Conference

I attended the Mobile Persuasion Conference at Stanford yesterday -- it was a great event, all day at Stanford, covering lots of facets of how mobility is used in persuasive computing.

There were some great sessions from Nokia, Intel, Stanford, and others. Ian Bogost of Water Cooler Games had an amusing joke -- "If HCI people designed games, they would only have one button that you press to win."

Today, I'm at the Bar Camp, where I hosted the Video for Cross-cultural communication section. It was small, but very interesting. We had a bit of a rambling discussion, including a stop into storytelling in a corporate context, thinking about what videoconferencing means in differenct contexts, and my favorite puzzler: What would it look like to mix Alternate Reality Games and Flash mobs in a corporate context.

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